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BodyRock: A Few Results

14 Jul

Kyle & I woke up bright and early, weighed in & did our measurements. We have a busy weekend, so we decided doing this on Friday (5 days in) would work best for us.

Here are the week 1 results…

– down 6lbs
– down 3.25″ overall

– down 3lbs
– down 2″ overall

We took the dogs for a walk, which was probably 45 minutes… we walked to Tim Horton’s where Kyle got a coffee & I got a green tea ๐Ÿ™‚ When we got home, we did this BodyRock workout which was HARD! Since it was difficult, I tried to alter some of the moves because I didn’t want to compromise my form. If I found I was doing the exercises with poor form, I stopped. It is better to do 10 GREAT reps than 100 crappy ones.

breakfast: waffles with strawberries, peaches, bananas & yogurt – SO delicious!

We ended up at RibFest for dinner… I had a pulled pork sandwich & Kyle had the “Vegetarian Nightmare” which consisted of ribs, pulled pork & chicken. We had a few drinks and headed back to our place before a friend’s Jack & Jill. I ended up playing the balloon game, which was killer on my extremely sore legs!

After the j&j, we headed downtown & got a few more drinks into us. We got some delicious burritos for an after-bar snack & opted to walk the 4.72kms home, which made us feel a bit better after treating ourselves! I also forgot to mention all the bar pushups Danielle & I did.. I learned I cannot do a one-armed pushup… yet.

our 4.72 km walk home from downtown…

I think it’s important to have some fun along the way – treat yourself! But there is definitely a balance & it’s always a learning process! Get your fitness in any way you can: I do 20 push ups for every trip to the bathroom at work (obviously this would be difficult in a public bathroom, but my work washroom is private), walk instead of drive, etc. Incorporate it any way you can ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you find hardest to balance?

have a good wknd!
mrs tasker


BodyRock: Challenges

12 Jul

I was curious if the people that do bodyrock ONLY do bodyrock along with eating well, and luckily, someone had posted that exact question on the Facebook page. A few people replied and said that they only do bodyrock & are noticing results (they are stronger & more toned). This makes me confident that doing bodyrock, along with normal activities like bootcamp, weekly challenges, volleyball & running, that Kyle & I will see great results.

If you followed my 4W2F blog, you’ll know I tried to keep up with a weekly challenge… this week, Kyle & I are doing 200 pushups a day. I think it is really important to add things like this into your day or week – it keeps you on your toes & you’ll avoid getting bored. Previously, my friends & I did a pushup challenge where we set a goal and tried to meet it/beat each other.

Tonight, Kyleย  & I climbed the Empire State Building… in Peterborough. We climbed 1,860 steps thanks to Danielle! She set out a FREE challenge to join her at the Lift Locks and climb our lives away. It was 27 degrees out & my legs almost stopped working, but I pushed through. I did it in 19 minutes, Kyle did it in 16 minutes & Danielle did as well.

Kyle & Danielle climbing (with an audience)

red faces after a butt kick

I’ve learned it is very important not to give up on yourself… don’t keep doing the same thing over & over. You will get bored, stop seeing results & stop doing it. CHALLENGE yourself… ask friends to join in, whatever will keep you motivated!

What challenges you?

4W2F: Weekly Challenge

19 Jun

1 week down in the 4 weeks 2 fit challenge! Only 3 more weeks to go. I’m feeling awesome & hope you are too.

I started the day off with 1/2 a banana with 1 tsp of peanut butter. Kyle & I took the dogs on a 1/2 hour walk.

banana with peanut butter – gives you some energy!

On the menu for lunch:

snack: 1/2 banana
lunch: egg salad (made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo), carrots to dip, cucumbers & tomatoes to mix into egg salad
snack: watermelon & cantaloupe
& always lots of water throughout the day!

And dinner….

dinner salad: greens, dried apricots & cranberries, almonds, goat cheese, cucumbers & strawberries

Dinner: salmon burger on a ciabatta bun with chipotle Greek yogurt & goat cheese, sweet potato fries & grilled beets

chipotle Greek yogurt to dip sweet potato fries in, also put some on my salmon burger
homemade dressing: olive oil & balsamic vinegar, orange juice, chili powder, salt & pepper & other spices

I did an ab workout tonight:

knee tucks x 25
bicycle x 25
reverse bicycle x 25
crunchy frog x 25
cross leg wide leg sit ups x 25
scissors x 25
hip butt lifts x 25
reverse crunch x 25
rolls up x 25
twist x 50

It’s time to get involved: this week, I’m going to stick with 200 pushups/day & add in 100 sumo squats. I want to work on toning my thighs & sumo squats are great for that. You should try it, too!

Sumo Squat:

wide legs, toes pointed out & then lower your butt as you would a regular squat
even Fozzie was getting in on the demonstration!

And for those of you who may be getting bored with pushups, you’d be surprised how many variations there are:

decline pushup: put your legs on something elevated (couch, chair, workout bench) and do a pushup as you normally would

incline pushup: do a push up as you regularly would, but place hands on something elevated

wall pushup

wall pushup: do a pushup against a wall

diamond pushup: place pointer fingers & thumbs together in a diamond shape, do a push up as you normally would

tricep pushup: skim elbows against your ribcage as you do a pushup

stability ball push up: roll your body over a stability ball until your knees/ankles are on the ball, do a pushup

Always start out on your toes & move to your knees if you have to. Make sure you keep your butt down to stay in proper form! Make sure to breathe as you push up – don’t hold you breath. Even after one week, my arms are more defined & way stronger. 200 pushups may seem like a lot, but you can bust out 100 in a minute and a half – stick to small ones, you don’t need to touch your chest to the ground. Sometimes, I do them in sets of 25 or 50 as well.

As a see it: A PUSH UP IS A PUSH UP. Whether they’re small, big, from your knees or toes.

happy sweating;
mrs tasker