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BodyRock: A Few Results

14 Jul

Kyle & I woke up bright and early, weighed in & did our measurements. We have a busy weekend, so we decided doing this on Friday (5 days in) would work best for us.

Here are the week 1 results…

– down 6lbs
– down 3.25″ overall

– down 3lbs
– down 2″ overall

We took the dogs for a walk, which was probably 45 minutes… we walked to Tim Horton’s where Kyle got a coffee & I got a green tea 🙂 When we got home, we did this BodyRock workout which was HARD! Since it was difficult, I tried to alter some of the moves because I didn’t want to compromise my form. If I found I was doing the exercises with poor form, I stopped. It is better to do 10 GREAT reps than 100 crappy ones.

breakfast: waffles with strawberries, peaches, bananas & yogurt – SO delicious!

We ended up at RibFest for dinner… I had a pulled pork sandwich & Kyle had the “Vegetarian Nightmare” which consisted of ribs, pulled pork & chicken. We had a few drinks and headed back to our place before a friend’s Jack & Jill. I ended up playing the balloon game, which was killer on my extremely sore legs!

After the j&j, we headed downtown & got a few more drinks into us. We got some delicious burritos for an after-bar snack & opted to walk the 4.72kms home, which made us feel a bit better after treating ourselves! I also forgot to mention all the bar pushups Danielle & I did.. I learned I cannot do a one-armed pushup… yet.

our 4.72 km walk home from downtown…

I think it’s important to have some fun along the way – treat yourself! But there is definitely a balance & it’s always a learning process! Get your fitness in any way you can: I do 20 push ups for every trip to the bathroom at work (obviously this would be difficult in a public bathroom, but my work washroom is private), walk instead of drive, etc. Incorporate it any way you can 🙂

What do you find hardest to balance?

have a good wknd!
mrs tasker


Re-Commiting Myself to Fit!

11 Jun

I have been on a fitness journey for some time now… I gained the freshman 15 and vowed to never look back after I worked hard to lose it.

After my 2nd year in college, I got a gym membership, starting walking everywhere & was really strict with what I ate. I lost the weight I had gained. I kept that weight off, and then a new goal needed to be set! I got engaged & wanted to look amazing on our wedding day.

I joined a bootcamp in March of 2011 & started walking daily. I lost around 15 pounds in 5 months simply by eating right, working out/bootcamp and some guidance from Danielle @ Re-Newall Fitness.

before: November 2010
after: June 2011

Wedding photo – August 2011

After the wedding, we went on a honeymoon. An all-inclusive Mexican honeymoon. Non-stop cerveza & food for a week! Two months later, Kyle & I signed up for personal training with Re-Newall fitness. We did that for 3 months… we learned proper form, how to design a workout plan & learned how much we are really capable of.

We stopped training in March and tried to keep it up on our own, which didn’t really happen. I ended up starting running in January & have completed two 5K runs since then. I’m now training for a 10K race and also do a bootcamp and play soccer & volleyball once a week.

So why am I here? I am in a slump. I haven’t been eating very well or really working out & it shows.

I’ve decided to re-commit to being fit starting NOW. I’ve given myself a timeline (a set date always helps) of one month, 4 weeks – to get back into the routine. I’m calling it “4 WEEKS 2 FIT!” and hoping to keep track of my progress using this blog.

The plan: get back into shape!
The strategy: personal training, working out on my own, push up challenge (200/day), running, walking & eating right.

I’m not going to weigh myself for this – the number isn’t important to me! It’s about how I look and how I feel.

Let the journey begin…

🙂 mrs tasker