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Tough Mudder

8 Apr

Ola friends!

So it’s been quite a while since I have used this blog. I’ve been trying to think of an excuse to start it up again, and I’ve found one. A few weeks ago, I signed up for the obstacle course of all obstacle courses… Tough Mudder! Check out the link & look at what I have (voluntarily) signed myself up for.

To sum it up it’s “probably the toughest event on the planet,” designed by British Special Forces, it’s a 10 – 12 mile (20KM) obstacle course to test overall stamina, strength and camaraderie! I have the pleasure of going through this crazy course with Danielle & Aurora.

We started training last week – here is what my week looked like:

Tuesday: run & kickboxing
Wednesday: Tough Mudder class
Thursday: run & bootcamp
Friday: run/weight circuit/run (this one included a hill of death, picture below)
Saturday: stairs/hot abs/kickboxing
Sunday: weight ciruit


This morning Aurora & I ran 12K – I’ve got kickboxing & volleyball tonight as well.

The official count down is 33 days. I’ve decided to commit myself to a clean eating challenge for these 33 days to make sure I get the most out of this training. I’ll be posting pictures of my meals and blogging about my workouts leading up to the big event!

🙂 stacie


4W2F: Just Another Day

22 Jun

This post got deleted so I had to re-write… sorry!

It’s Thursday!

Hope everyone’s week has been going well… I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback from you – I’m glad this blog is motivating you to get active & get healthy. That’s exactly what I it wanted to do!

Thursday mornings, Aurora & I usually go for a run. I had to cancel today because Wonderland was exhausting, I was dead tired when my alarm went off & I knew I wouldn’t be able to function at work if I didn’t get some more rest. Thankfully, Aurora is super understanding!

Working out & staying active is super important, but so is knowing when enough is enough. If you are in PAIN from working out or getting run down, you need to be able to take a break. You’re human, not a superhero!

I got some more beauty sleep & then grabbed an apple for breaky on the way out the door.

Morning snack: strawberries

Lunch: Greek pasta salad & greens, carrots with red pepper hummus

Snack: banana

When I got home, I was still exhausted… I decided to sneak a nap in before Bootcamp. In the end, bootcamp was cancelled – the storm we had tonight was crazy! I got back home & our power was out which meant only one thing… SUSHI!

Dinner: shrimp spring rolls, shrimp tempura, Kyle had some salad & edamame, vegetable tempura, chicken & beef skewers, California roll, ebi, dynamite roll, spicy tuna roll, pork & shrimp dumplings… there was a lot of food!

When it comes to all-you-can-eat style restaurants, I try to avoid them because typically, I overeat at them. Sushi isn’t too bad, and they give you small portions so it was easy to sort of gauge when I felt full. It was delicious! I filled up on water & green tea throughout the whole meal & took my time with the meal… I didn’t get dessert & left feeling full but not like I overate.

It’s hard but you can make good choices at all-you-can-eats. Stick to veggies and steamed foods, try to avoid deep fried options. There are typically salad bars you can choose from as well. It’s just about making good decisions!

catching up on all my weekend posts shortly!
mrs tasker

4W2F: Day 2

13 Jun

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like working out. The worst is when your alarm goes off at 545AM and you look outside and it’s raining… and you say “maybe I’ll just skip my run, I’ll make up for it tonight.” You know very well you aren’t going to “make up for it tonight…” That was me yesterday morning!
But no – I dragged my butt out of bed and took Winnie for a run.

‘the only workout you regret is one you didn’t do’

Fozzie doesn’t quite have the hang of walking with Winnie & I, let alone running, so he stayed home. Winnie and I trucked along and did a 3KM run/walk.

My running buddy taking a break!

My food for the day consisted of the same as Monday’s… a smoothie, watermelon, egg salad salad & strawberries.

Dinner was different 🙂

dinner – pork skewers, sweet potatoes & onions, tomatoes & cheese

Tuesdays are beach volleyball nights! Kyle & I play with our friends Sam & Brandon, along with Paul, Paige, Cory & Amy. We’re called the Beach Bangers… our slogan is “We spike our drinks and our balls.” It’s a lot of fun – last night, we won 2/4 games. Beach volleyball isn’t a super intense workout, but the next day I can feel it in my arms & legs. Running in sand is tough! When I got home I finished off my 200 pushups for the day, too 🙂

after volleyball snack – apple & peanut butter

Wednesday morning I have personal training with Danielle – going to be a tough workout!

still going strong,
mrs tasker