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BodyRock: Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

19 Jul


Hope you’ve been BodyRock-ing away! Kyle & I haven’t been doing our challenge this week (boo) but we have been keeping up with our workouts. I am sick now, so I am lacking energy, but I’m pushing through.

Working out is obviously very important, but so is eating right. You can’t work your butt off & then go eat a Big Mac and expect results. So this week, I have been really focusing on eating really good foods. I have been avoiding sugar (except fruit) and getting lots of veggies in.

Snack: fruit (peaches, strawberries & melon) & yogurt

Lunch: salad! greens (spinach, arugula), corn & black beans, peaches, 1/2 avocado, asparagus, hard boiled egg & almonds… no dressing.

ingredients to make me better, I hope…

My amazing husband made me some homemade chicken noodle soup… celery, carrots, chicken & egg noodles

We took the pups to the new off leash dog park in Peterborough on Wednesday night… they loved it!

Have you been eating well? I try and add in veggies where I can – spinach with pasta and also spinach in smoothies. Opt for veggies/fruit as a snack as well – celery & peanut butter, fruit & yogurt. Another great snack we’ve been eating is almonds, dried cranberries & dark chocolate chips… it’s a nice treat!

As the saying goes “Abs are made in the kitchen.” You aren’t going to get anywhere if you don’t clean up your eating habits!

fruits & veggies;
mrs tasker


BodyRock: Be Prepared!

17 Jul

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

On Saturday morning, after our night out on the town, we got up around 6:45 and got in a great BodyRock workout. I had to be off to Fenelon to meet my friend Mary around 9AM… it was her bachelorette weekend!

I can’t find the link to the workout right now, but it was 50 seconds on/10 seconds rest & we did squats/press, around the world abs, reach sit ups & twists (3 times through).

Mary’s bachelorette was awesome – lots of surprises for her! We started off with paintballing which was SO fun! I was really scared at first, same with most of the other girls. There were some really intense players there… I ended up playing 3/4 rounds. I watched the 4th game – it was Mary & her two bridesmaids against 2 other guys.. The girls held their own & it was really entertaining to watch.

Paintballing was a pretty good workout – my heart rate was definitely up. Between the adrenaline, sweating, hiding, crawling, running & shooting, I was exhausted. We went to CQB, check out some of the pictures of the facility here.

The rest of the night was a blast, too… we went out dancing & to karaoke to end things off. All in all, it was an amazing time with a great group of people. I ended up getting home late & didn’t make it to soccer.

Monday night, Kyle & I had volleyball practice, beforehand we had a delicious dinner.

Dinner: homemade turkey burgers with stuffing, cranberries & spinach, asparagus & onions on the side. Kyle had his on a bun.

We went out and got groceries after volleyball – lots of good stuff coming up this week. How are your meals going? Remember to PLAN and PREPARE. Write a meal plan (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack) for each day & then a grocery list based off of those meals. It will help you save money as well, because you know exactly how much you need of each item. Again, here are what my plans and lists look like:

……………………….KYLE                              STACIE
Breakfast            Bagel + PB                        Smoothie
Snack                    Peach                                    Peach
Lunch             Greek Pasta Salad              Talapia + Spinach
Snack               Granola Bar                          Apple
Dinner               Cesar Salad                         Cesar Salad
Snack                    Apple                                     Granola Bar
Other                                                                      Green Tea


Romaine Lettuce x 1 (Cesar)
Cherry tomatoes (Greek salad)
Spinach (w/ Talapia)

Peaches x 2 (snack)
Apples x 2 (snack)
Berries x 1 (smoothie)

Bagels x 1

Feta x 1 (Greek salad)

Chocolate chips x 1 (granola bars)

Already Have
Pasta (Greek salad)
Olives (Greek salad)
Oats, cranberries (granola bars)

When you do a thorough list like this, you have no questions when you’re at the store. I used to write a list out and think… how much spinach to I need? Now, I know.. okay, I am have it 3 times this week, so a big container will be fine & nothing will go to waste. It’s also nice to break the list down into sections so you don’t miss anything and have to go back in the store.

What works for you guys?

work hard!
mrs tasker

BodyRock: A Few Results

14 Jul

Kyle & I woke up bright and early, weighed in & did our measurements. We have a busy weekend, so we decided doing this on Friday (5 days in) would work best for us.

Here are the week 1 results…

– down 6lbs
– down 3.25″ overall

– down 3lbs
– down 2″ overall

We took the dogs for a walk, which was probably 45 minutes… we walked to Tim Horton’s where Kyle got a coffee & I got a green tea 🙂 When we got home, we did this BodyRock workout which was HARD! Since it was difficult, I tried to alter some of the moves because I didn’t want to compromise my form. If I found I was doing the exercises with poor form, I stopped. It is better to do 10 GREAT reps than 100 crappy ones.

breakfast: waffles with strawberries, peaches, bananas & yogurt – SO delicious!

We ended up at RibFest for dinner… I had a pulled pork sandwich & Kyle had the “Vegetarian Nightmare” which consisted of ribs, pulled pork & chicken. We had a few drinks and headed back to our place before a friend’s Jack & Jill. I ended up playing the balloon game, which was killer on my extremely sore legs!

After the j&j, we headed downtown & got a few more drinks into us. We got some delicious burritos for an after-bar snack & opted to walk the 4.72kms home, which made us feel a bit better after treating ourselves! I also forgot to mention all the bar pushups Danielle & I did.. I learned I cannot do a one-armed pushup… yet.

our 4.72 km walk home from downtown…

I think it’s important to have some fun along the way – treat yourself! But there is definitely a balance & it’s always a learning process! Get your fitness in any way you can: I do 20 push ups for every trip to the bathroom at work (obviously this would be difficult in a public bathroom, but my work washroom is private), walk instead of drive, etc. Incorporate it any way you can 🙂

What do you find hardest to balance?

have a good wknd!
mrs tasker

BodyRock: Patience

13 Jul

I’m a pretty impatient person… and all week I’ve been trying to waiting patiently for this first week to be over. Not because I don’t want to to be doing this, but because I am excited for the results. To be honest, I just want to be a month into it and take some ‘after’ photos to see where I am at!

But we all have to be patient. You aren’t going to be where you want to be in one day… in one week even. So the best thing you can do is set small goals. As good as it is to look at the big picture, try to see what’s directly in front of you, too. It’s all about working hard, being patient and the results will come.

If your goal is to lose 15 pounds, give yourself a fair amount of time to do it. Say… 3 months. Now break it down from there: that’s 5 pounds a month to loose, and if there are 4 weeks in a month, that’s only 1.25lbs each week to lose. Doesn’t that seem much more attainable than 15 pounds overall?

Even if your goal is just to tone (and not worry about weight) set fitness goals: run 5K by X date, do 100 pushups without stopping, etc…

What’s your goal? Break it down and it’ll come more easily!

Make sure you are all keeping up with drinking lots of water! I also try to drink green tea throughout the day – if it’s a really hot day, try it on ice.

Here are our meals from yesterday…

Breakfast: peanut butter on a ww thin bagel with banana

lunch: Greek pasta salad (pasta, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese & Greek dressing)
*tomorrow, I am going to mix this with spinach to get a bit more out of it.

snack: almonds, dried cranberries & dark chocolate chips

dinner: BBQ chicken breast, broccoli, 1/2 baked sweet potato & left over grilled veggies

Bootcamp was awesome last night – what a work out! Kyle did these at home while I was at bootcamp. We opted to not do bodyrock toinght, since this was a pretty intense workout. We did two countdowns… starting at 100 reps, all the way down to 10 reps:

have fun!

this set was BRUTAL (in a good way). We also ran a hill in between each exercise…

Have you liked BodyRock on Facebook yet? Check out their YouTube channel for all the videos 🙂 their website also has a lot of helpful tools & some great before & after photos for some inspiration.

I just wanna rock!
mrs tasker

BodyRock: Challenges

12 Jul

I was curious if the people that do bodyrock ONLY do bodyrock along with eating well, and luckily, someone had posted that exact question on the Facebook page. A few people replied and said that they only do bodyrock & are noticing results (they are stronger & more toned). This makes me confident that doing bodyrock, along with normal activities like bootcamp, weekly challenges, volleyball & running, that Kyle & I will see great results.

If you followed my 4W2F blog, you’ll know I tried to keep up with a weekly challenge… this week, Kyle & I are doing 200 pushups a day. I think it is really important to add things like this into your day or week – it keeps you on your toes & you’ll avoid getting bored. Previously, my friends & I did a pushup challenge where we set a goal and tried to meet it/beat each other.

Tonight, Kyle  & I climbed the Empire State Building… in Peterborough. We climbed 1,860 steps thanks to Danielle! She set out a FREE challenge to join her at the Lift Locks and climb our lives away. It was 27 degrees out & my legs almost stopped working, but I pushed through. I did it in 19 minutes, Kyle did it in 16 minutes & Danielle did as well.

Kyle & Danielle climbing (with an audience)

red faces after a butt kick

I’ve learned it is very important not to give up on yourself… don’t keep doing the same thing over & over. You will get bored, stop seeing results & stop doing it. CHALLENGE yourself… ask friends to join in, whatever will keep you motivated!

What challenges you?

BodyRock: Setting Goals

11 Jul

Kyle & I set some overall goals… where we want to be short term & long term.

– get back in the HABIT of working out DAILY
– eat well
– tone overall
– lose inches (& weight)

We also set personal, more specific goals & have put them into our fitness binder.

I also think that I will set out some ‘rewards’ for when I meet personal goals… some ideas:
– mani/pedi
– haircut
– new workout clothes

I think this is a great way to stay motivated, knowing that you’ll get a ‘treat’ when you work your butt off. I still need to figure out my goals in terms of timing.

Tuesdays are volleyball nights – again, it isn’t a super intense workout, but it’s certainly better than sitting on the couch!

breakfast: ww bagel, strawberry yogurt & fresh strawberries

snack: apple & pb

lunch: egg salad wraps – 1 wrap, spinach, egg salad
I split the wrap in half and made 2 of these for lunch

snack: fruit salad – cantaloupe, grapes & peaches

I get a lot of my meal ideas from Re-Newall Fitness (meal plans, bootcamps & personal training).

Tonight, we did this workout and our 200 pushups for the day, too! Instead of doing the ‘around the world pushups’ I did regular pushups as I found I couldn’t do them in proper form. Also, for the get ups, I used one hand because I’m not at the level where I can use no hands!

I was DEFINITELY feeling the bodyrock & pushups when I woke up this morning, which means it’s working & it’s only day one!

On Tuesdays, I plan for a quick meal that’ll fill us up since we have volleyball (often at 6PM). I made pasta with tomatoes last night & sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top. A good tip when eating pasta is to serve it on a bed of spinach – it helps get some great nutrients in there & it will fill you up!

on to the next…
mrs tasker

BodyRock: Getting Started

10 Jul

Welcome back!

July 7th is Kyle’s birthday. He is pretty difficult to buy for, so I thought long & hard and finally decided I would get him some workout gear. We’ve been talking for a while about setting up a home “gym” in our basement, but it’s being used to storage right now, so that hasn’t really happened.

We always try to eat healthy & workout, but it doesn’t always happen together. So for this birthday I thought… I’ll set us up for success. There’s no better gift than the gift of being FIT and HEALTHY!

white erase calendar, cork board, gym boss timer, duffel bag a for homemade sand bag & I also got him a yoga mat along with a binder with a food plan/grocery list in it

meal plan

grocery list – I organized it by section (fruits/vegetables/breads/packaged food) and outlined how many of each item we’d need & what we are using it for. I find we often buy too many or not enough of some items, so that really helped us!

I bought a big, laminated calendar so we can keep track of our progress & plan ahead. I’ve written out weekly challenges & made space where we can each write our progress for the day. As you can see, I didn’t plan out any daily workouts. That’s because we will be doing workouts that are posted daily online at: www.bodyrock.tv.

weekly challenges: 200 pushups/day, burpee challenge, stair challenge & 7 minute challenge

I was introduced to ‘bodyrock.tv’ through Facebook… I forget how I really stumbled upon it, but I’ve “liked” it for a while. Bodyrock.tv is an “at home workout movement.” It incorporates minimal equipment with high intensity interval workouts that are usually 12 minutes long. One thing I sort of ‘splurged’ on was a Gymboss interval timer for both Kyle & I. You can buy them online: essentially, it allows you to work for 50 seconds, rest for 10 without having to go back & reset the timer every time. I also got two duffel bags, which we plan on filling with sand or rice to mimick the sandbags that the bodyrockers use.

gymboss interval timer – I got myself a pink one!

I never really got into following bodyrock until recently. They started posted “bodyrock babe of the day.” These are pictures (before & afters) of people just like you & I who have turned their lives & bodies around by eating well & keeping fit using bodyrock workouts. These are busy men & women who have MADE time to get healthy. The results are incredible!

As you know, I’ve done bootcamps, running & personal training with great results. However, I’ve always gotten lazy and gone back to my old ways of not really caring & eating junk. I am hoping to really get toned from doing this & having Kyle’s support along the way will really help.

The overall plan is to take it day by day, week by week, month by month. I’ll track our progress on here for another 4 weeks. We are planning on doing the workouts 6 – 7 times a week (they are only 12 minutes long!), along with volleyball on Tuesday and I have my bootcamp on Thursday.

WEEK# 1 CHALLENGE: 200 pushups/day

We did our pushups along with this workout last night (did it two times through).

We have also decided that there will be no TV watching this week in hopes of getting the basement cleaned up & setting up our gym!

Kyle & I took before pictures and took measurements as well so that we can track our progress. You should take photos, too.. it’s amazing the difference you can see once you post them side by side!

sorry for bodyrockin’
mrs tasker