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BodyRock: Be Prepared!

17 Jul

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

On Saturday morning, after our night out on the town, we got up around 6:45 and got in a great BodyRock workout. I had to be off to Fenelon to meet my friend Mary around 9AM… it was her bachelorette weekend!

I can’t find the link to the workout right now, but it was 50 seconds on/10 seconds rest & we did squats/press, around the world abs, reach sit ups & twists (3 times through).

Mary’s bachelorette was awesome – lots of surprises for her! We started off with paintballing which was SO fun! I was really scared at first, same with most of the other girls. There were some really intense players there… I ended up playing 3/4 rounds. I watched the 4th game – it was Mary & her two bridesmaids against 2 other guys.. The girls held their own & it was really entertaining to watch.

Paintballing was a pretty good workout – my heart rate was definitely up. Between the adrenaline, sweating, hiding, crawling, running & shooting, I was exhausted. We went to CQB, check out some of the pictures of the facility here.

The rest of the night was a blast, too… we went out dancing & to karaoke to end things off. All in all, it was an amazing time with a great group of people. I ended up getting home late & didn’t make it to soccer.

Monday night, Kyle & I had volleyball practice, beforehand we had a delicious dinner.

Dinner: homemade turkey burgers with stuffing, cranberries & spinach, asparagus & onions on the side. Kyle had his on a bun.

We went out and got groceries after volleyball – lots of good stuff coming up this week. How are your meals going? Remember to PLAN and PREPARE. Write a meal plan (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack) for each day & then a grocery list based off of those meals. It will help you save money as well, because you know exactly how much you need of each item. Again, here are what my plans and lists look like:

……………………….KYLE                              STACIE
Breakfast            Bagel + PB                        Smoothie
Snack                    Peach                                    Peach
Lunch             Greek Pasta Salad              Talapia + Spinach
Snack               Granola Bar                          Apple
Dinner               Cesar Salad                         Cesar Salad
Snack                    Apple                                     Granola Bar
Other                                                                      Green Tea


Romaine Lettuce x 1 (Cesar)
Cherry tomatoes (Greek salad)
Spinach (w/ Talapia)

Peaches x 2 (snack)
Apples x 2 (snack)
Berries x 1 (smoothie)

Bagels x 1

Feta x 1 (Greek salad)

Chocolate chips x 1 (granola bars)

Already Have
Pasta (Greek salad)
Olives (Greek salad)
Oats, cranberries (granola bars)

When you do a thorough list like this, you have no questions when you’re at the store. I used to write a list out and think… how much spinach to I need? Now, I know.. okay, I am have it 3 times this week, so a big container will be fine & nothing will go to waste. It’s also nice to break the list down into sections so you don’t miss anything and have to go back in the store.

What works for you guys?

work hard!
mrs tasker


4W2F: Day 2

13 Jun

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like working out. The worst is when your alarm goes off at 545AM and you look outside and it’s raining… and you say “maybe I’ll just skip my run, I’ll make up for it tonight.” You know very well you aren’t going to “make up for it tonight…” That was me yesterday morning!
But no – I dragged my butt out of bed and took Winnie for a run.

‘the only workout you regret is one you didn’t do’

Fozzie doesn’t quite have the hang of walking with Winnie & I, let alone running, so he stayed home. Winnie and I trucked along and did a 3KM run/walk.

My running buddy taking a break!

My food for the day consisted of the same as Monday’s… a smoothie, watermelon, egg salad salad & strawberries.

Dinner was different 🙂

dinner – pork skewers, sweet potatoes & onions, tomatoes & cheese

Tuesdays are beach volleyball nights! Kyle & I play with our friends Sam & Brandon, along with Paul, Paige, Cory & Amy. We’re called the Beach Bangers… our slogan is “We spike our drinks and our balls.” It’s a lot of fun – last night, we won 2/4 games. Beach volleyball isn’t a super intense workout, but the next day I can feel it in my arms & legs. Running in sand is tough! When I got home I finished off my 200 pushups for the day, too 🙂

after volleyball snack – apple & peanut butter

Wednesday morning I have personal training with Danielle – going to be a tough workout!

still going strong,
mrs tasker