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4W2F: The End of The Beginning

9 Jul

When I started this journey, I was in a rut. I worked up some willpower & decided to take the plunge to get back into being fit & eating right. As I mentioned in my first post, I don’t weigh myself – the number isn’t important to me. You can SEE the difference just 4 weeks makes:

at the start of 4W2F – day 1

1 week in – day 7
already looking less “bloated”

week 3 – already more toned!

after 4 weeks you can see a huge improvement!

The whole point of me doing this was to prove that you can kick your butt back into gear in as little as 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Imagine what 3 months, 6 months – 1 year results can look like. Whether you have 100 lbs to lose or want to tone or just get healthy, all you need to do is COMMIT.

Think about what foods you are consuming – are they good for you? No? Then don’t eat them.

Spend your time more wisely – do a 20 minute workout, go for a walk, stay active any way you can.

Take a break – sometimes, you need a lazy day or a scoop of ice cream. You are allowed!

Hopefully this blog has really helped everyone, it has certainly helped me. I’ve taken pictures & can see the results and progress I have made. More importantly, I am back in the routine of working out and eating well.

So set a goal & get to work. In 4 weeks, you’ll wish you had started today!

thanks for joining me;
mrs tasker

ps – starting a new fitness journey/goal tonight 🙂


4W2F: Group Workout

6 Jul

Hi friends!

Last night, I had bootcamp. We did a lot of group exercises, which were challenging and fun. Grab a group of friends and try some of them…

Form a group pyramid
Do 1,000 pushups from your toes (split it up between the members of your group)
Everyone do 10 burpees, 10 tuck jumps & 30 jumping jacks
Hold boat post & count to 100, hand above your head
Do 100 partner sit ups (1 person stand on the others toes, then switch)
Do 50 grape vines
Do 2000 mountain climbers (split between the members of your group)
Everyone form a bridge (feets & palms), each member must climb through twice
Do 1200 bicycle

Exercises like these are great for people with different skill levels… if one person can only do 50 pushups, someone else has to step up and do extra ones to complete the total. It was a lot of fun… we all worked together and got it done!

Then we did a circuit of 1 minute ab exercises including:

reverse crunch
stacked toe sit ups (right for 30 sec/left for 30 sec)
plank (90 seconds)
scissors (side to side for 30 sec/up & down for 30 sec)
double crunch

Always make sure you stretch after you workout, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet!

An important part of your workout: stretching!

I typed “stretch” into the search at Women’s Health Magazine and got some other  ideas:

work it!
mrs tasker

4W2F: Call Me, Maybe?

5 Jul

The end of week 4 is quickly approaching… Danielle & I did a workout this morning, bright and early at 6AM!

It involved kettle bells and a bosu. The bosu can be a hard piece of equipment to use… especially when trying to balance on it and do lunges or standing on it and squeezing your butt. Naturally, it took me a while to get used to it.. I fell off of it a lot. I like using one for burpees, though.

Nothing super exciting happening today.. ate some yummy food:

Lunch: spinach with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, dried apricots & cranberries, laughing cow cheese & slivered almonds. I used a mango dressing.

Dinner: pork chops, jasmine rice & tomatoes

My work sponsors the Little Lake Music Fest, so I snagged some “VIP” tickets to see Carly Rae Jepsen & took the girls with me!

This is crazy!

cuuuuuriousity will never let me go-oh-uh-oh-oh-oh

I have been slacking on working out, but I am trying to stick to eating well! It’s all about balance. All I know, is I have come a long way from where I was 4 weeks ago. I’m feeling better for sure.

If you are stuck for meal ideas or workouts, I like to use – lots of great ideas!

Are you making healthy choices?

the weekend is almost here!
mrs tasker


4 Jul

I was scrolling through my pictures on my phone & thought I would share some of the meals I haven’t posted yet. Hopefully these will inspire some dishes of your own!

Lunch on the run: multi grain salad & Mediterranean chicken on naan from Loblaws

Weekend breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 1/2 toasted bun, salsa & cheese

Leftover lunch: pasta from dinner the night before… yum!

Another weekend breakfast: poached eggs, toasted ciabatta bun with blueberries & strawberries

Lunch: spinach, corn, black beans, tomatoes and salsa instead of dressing

As you can see, I use a lot of leftovers in my dishes! I had a left over burger bun from the past week, so I used it for breakfast one morning. Leftover corn & beans from burritos went into a salad for lunch. Even lunch on the run can be healthy… it’s just as easy to make a stop at a grocery store as it is to go through a drive thru.

What are your favourite left overs?

only a few days left!
mrs tasker

4W2F: Canada Day Weekend

3 Jul

OLA! The long weekend is soon here, so I sat down and set myself up for success.

I went camping out at the race track with Kyle this weekend, so in order to save money & avoid eating junk, we’ve made a plan!

I’ve written each day & what I will be doing for exercise. I have lots of different routines saved on my Blackberry & I always refer to them for quick workouts.

got our meals planned for the weekend!

Here is the 1 minute ab routine, do 1 minute of each exercise:

sit ups
reverse crunch (on your back, legs straight in air, hands under butt, lift your butt up & back down)
sit ups
double crunch
plankups (push up position, down on right elbow, down on left elbow, up on right hand, up on left hand)
kick crunch – right leg (lay flat, bring right leg up, keeping it straight & bring upper body in as well)
push ups
kick crunch – left leg
twist – right leg up (balance on tailbone, lean back, keep right leg up, twist back & forth)
sit ups
twist – left leg up
heel toe sit up – right (lay flat, right foot on top of left toes, left arm behind head, right arm straight up, lift upper body toward the sky)
heel toe sit up – left
leg raise (lay flat, hands under butt, keep legs straight & raise them, then lower them)
plank move (plank position, move body forward and back on toes)
reverse & raise (reverse crunch with leg raise added in)

It is important that you don’t strain your back on any of these, make sure you push your lower back into the ground. With your leg raises, only go as far down as you can until your back starts to lift off of the ground. Always engage your abs!

Kyle at the races!

eating dinner on our new camping chairs in front of our new 8 person tent… living the high life

bagel with blueberries & yogurt

doing an ab workout on in the pits!

Kyle’s breakfast one morning… hashbrowns, muffin & scrambled eggs, all done on the BBQ

spinach wrap with turkey, spinach, tomatoes, laughing cow cheese & cheddar cheese for lunch

The weekend was full of delicious foods & lots of relaxing. I can’t lie, I didn’t work out as much as I had planned. I did walk around the track a bit, which turned out to be pretty tiring in the heat! I also had soccer on Monday night.

4 days left of this 4 week journey… kicking it up again this week! Sticking with my burpees for this week’s challenge, I should be at 50 for today.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend 🙂
mrs tasker

4W2F: Fitness Test Results

29 Jun

It’s Thursday… you know what that means: bootcamp day!

I did a workout in the morning:

knee to elbow x 50 (on your back, knees bent like a sit up, bring left elbow to right knee, back down, right elbow to left knee)
forward lunge x 40 (used 10 lbs weights)
squat jump x 20
pushup x 20 (from toes, do 40 from knees)
bend & thrust x 20 (like the bottom part of a burpee)
sumo squat x 40
jumping jacks x 40
t stabilization x 20 (push up position, roll to one side, arm in air, repeat on other side)
seated twist x 40 (sit on your tail bone, legs up/down/one up, one down, twist from side to side)
side bends x 40
knee to elbow x 50

Before bootcamp, I did my 25 burpees… I have noticed only 4 days in it’s getting WAY easier.

We are starting a new session tonight, so we did our fitness tests to see the results.

Exercise                            Week 1| Week 5
1K run……………………..4:55  | 5:26
pushups……………………115   | 120
bicycle……………………..90    | 137
reverse raise ……………..62    | 71
squat hold…………………60    | 75
boat pose………………….60    | 90
straight leg sit up………..20   |  31
frog push ups……………N/A  | 20
squat jump……………….N/A | 45
Hindu push up…………..N/A | 14
hill runs……………………N/A |10

(I started bootcamp 2 weeks before I decided to get my butt in gear and started 4W2F)

As you can see, I have REALLY improved… Almost all of my numbers have gone up! It’s really great to actually see my progress written down. Make sure you are recording things, or taking pictures – you might feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, but this type of thing will prove you wrong.

keep it up;
mrs tasker

ps – I may be posting another blog today, since I may not have access to a computer this weekend… keep an eye out!

4W2F: Stay Active

28 Jun

It’s hump day! Halfway through the work week of a long weekend…

Today, Danielle & I ran 8K! Running is always a great way to start the day, and it’s nice to do it in the early morning especially since it gets hot even at 7AM.

I was sooo hungry after our run, I ate few granola bars… 5 of them actually. I was STARVING today! That’s one thing I have learned, the more you workout, the more you eat! It is important to be educated about that type of thing, you don’t want to deprive yourself. I know I am not perfect 100% of the time in terms of eating the right amount of certain things (protein, veggies, fruits), but I have certainly come a long way with what I know. I always eat before a workout – if you don’t, you will burn muscle – and after a workout.

Dinner: scrambled eggs with peppers & mushroom (use some Pam in the pan), corn & bean salad, a tomato & some cheese

After dinner, I spent some time with my girlfriends: Kelsey, Kim & Danielle. We opted for an activity that was a little bit active, which was nice! You don’t always have to go to dinner or watch a movie – try and choose something that gets you moving! We took our dogs to Beavermead to let them play in the lake & we obviously walked around. We made a stop for ice cream before the park – so delicious! I got a small ice cream instead of my regular large… I am a sucker for Kawartha Dairy.

My favourite from Kawartha Dairy… Moose Tracks!

Winnie, Fozzie & Zevi playing close to shore. See that little black dot WAY in the distance? That’s Coors…. We thought we were going to be going for a swim to get him back!

Kels with her new pup Zevi (so cute!), Kim adopted Fozzie for the night, me with Winnie & Danielle (behind the camera) walking Coors.

I got home and did my 20 burpees. Are you keeping up with the burpee challenge? Add another 5 tomorrow! The dogs were dead tired & really smelly. Apparently I was tired, too because I fell asleep before 930.

I just wanted to go back to the whole “staying active” thing. Like I said, when you’re getting together with friends, suggest something that gets you up & out of the house. You don’t have to go to the movies, stay in or go out to dinner. I am lucky to have friends with dogs, so it was a lot of fun to hit the park with them!

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals & interests – like walking, working out, running & puppies! That makes it a lot easier to stay active. I actually met Kelsey & Danielle through bootcamp & we’ve become really good friends. It’s especially easy to get out & do something when the weather is so nice. Most importantly, all of my friends have FUN when we are active.

work it!
mrs tasker