I’m Stacie.

I’m married to the love of my life, Kyle (who happens to be a racecar driver and my best friend’s brother, among other things). I’m the proud momma of two adorable Aussie Shepherds, Winnie & Fozzie. I’m a runner. I’m in sales. I’m a wanna be model. I’m creative. I’m a morning person – no caffeine required. I’ve recently discovered a like for cooking & I think Kyle & I should have our own reality TV show. Rice Krispy commercials make me cry. I watch Wheel of Fortune almost every day (I want Vanna’s job when I grow up). I love Freddie Mercury & can kinda play the guitar.
really like popcorn & peanut m&m’s.

I’m on a journey…

Long story short: I gained weight, lost weight, kept the weight off, got super fit & then got caught in a rut.
So I decided to get out of that rut & start this blog.
I’m giving myself 4 weeks to get back on track – 4 weeks 2 fit – and I’m going to blog about it along the way.

I’ll be writing about food, working out, my personal fitness advice & who knows what else!
THANK YOU to all of those who are following this blog! YOU are helping me stay on track & stay accountable.

Hoping to inspire some people who were feeling the same way I was to get off their butts & re-commit to being fit!



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