10 Apr


I hope all of your Tuesdays went well. Mine was pretty good – always a busy day for me because I have running in the morning and French class at night. Aurora and I ran (almost) 8K Tuesday morning.

Since we ran, I had to get a lunch together pretty quickly – sort of a mish mash of random stuff from the fridge.


lunch – spinach salad with yellow peppers, white kidney beans, cucumbers & oil & vinegar dressing
snack – carrots & celery


quick dinner – scrambled omlette (attempted omlette) with yellow peppers, corn, spinach, mushrooms and salsa

There are a lot of simple meals you can have if you are in a hurry – my dinner took maybe 20 minutes to prep and cook. The best part is that because it was loaded with lots of veggies, it kept me full while I was in class for the night. I ate more than just this throughout the day – apples, toast, etc…

Being busy isn’t an excuse to eat poorly! Keep good things in your fridge, set a day in your schedule for meal prep for the week ahead. Keep eggs in your fridge, they take minutes to prepare, or pre hard-boil some eggs, cook some chicken, bag your veggies in individual servings so they are grab-and-go.

One thing I have learned about staying fit while leading a busy life (and I know there are a lot of you who are way busier than I am) is that SLEEP is just as important as eating well and working out. I used to (I’m talking just a few weeks ago here) go to bed at 11PM or later. I’d fight the fact that I felt tired because I just HAD to see who got eliminated on Big Brother and stay up until it was over, even if I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I’d go strong with working out and running for a week and get burnout  from not sleeping enough and totally slack the next week.

Since we started training for Tough Mudder, I go to bed when I am tired. I’ve decided that training and being prepared for TM is more important than watching the latest drama unfold on the Real Housewives… I like reality TV, ok? So for the past week and two days, I’ve gone to be around 10, if not before. When my alarm goes off at 545AM I’m not dragging my butt and I’m feeling energized. I’ve really noticed a difference in the mornings with getting a few extra hours of sleep.


Winnie catching some zzzzz’s

Get some sleep!


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