14 Sep

It has been FOREVER since I have contributed to this blog…

As mentioned in my last post, I had fallen off the wagon, but now I’m back on. Not full throttle, but I’m buckled in!

I’ve been running twice a week with Aurora… we do a run/workout:

– 1K, 50 bench burpees
– 1K, 100 elevated pushups
– 1K, 150 twists
– 1K, 200 jumping jacks
– 1K, 250 bike (we never actually do this one, but it was part of the original routine)

I am also doing bootcamp once a week. Going from being super hardcore when I started bootcamp before the wedding, then doing training with Danielle for 3 months along with running to doing just running 2 times a week and bootcamp once has taken a toll.

I’m not as toned as I once was, and I looked in the mirror at my back the other day, which used to be ripped, and it’s no longer! I’m considering starting up my training routine that I did with Danielle again. I don’t know if I am fully committed, but my intentions are good.

I have definitely gotten on track with eating, but think I need to amp up my workouts. With the cooler weather here, I am excited to get back into running – I prefer to run in the winter since it’s not so darn HOT & STICKY out!

I will try to get back into blogging as well! I got really overwhelmed with blogging, working out, eating right, work, keeping up with housework, taking care of the doggies and everything else happening in my crazy life for a while. My best advice right now is to organize if you get overwhelmed like me, write things down and tackle things one thing at a time!

I started with my closet, which was a MESS, and it’s almost done & organized. I set out tasks to do each day… day 1: tackle 2 drawers, day 2: another 2 drawers, day 3: another 2 drawers, day 4: hanging clothes, day 5: top rack of closet, etc, etc…

My big Friday night plans are to finish the closet abd get the bathrooms cleaned. I’ve also set out to vacuum every Sunday. Writing things like this down keeps me from getting overwhelmed. When I looked at the calendar and saw I just needed to go through 2 drawers, I didn’t get overwhelmed like I would have if it said “go through dresser.” If I had set out to do the whole dresser, it wouldn’t have gotten done! This way may take a bit longer, but it’s way more effective for me.

Weirdly enough, I feel better during the day while I am sitting at my desk knowing that my closet is almost complete and I know I am planning on doing ONE thing tonight in terms of chores. It’s a bonus when I do more than planned and I feel good about it after!

So all in all, my advice is to make sure you consider your sanity and brain health, too. I find I don’t want to work out when I have chores (or whatever) to do and I’m more effective all around (work, home, dogs, health) when I set tasks each day.

mrs tasker


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