BodyRock: Getting Started

10 Jul

Welcome back!

July 7th is Kyle’s birthday. He is pretty difficult to buy for, so I thought long & hard and finally decided I would get him some workout gear. We’ve been talking for a while about setting up a home “gym” in our basement, but it’s being used to storage right now, so that hasn’t really happened.

We always try to eat healthy & workout, but it doesn’t always happen together. So for this birthday I thought… I’ll set us up for success. There’s no better gift than the gift of being FIT and HEALTHY!

white erase calendar, cork board, gym boss timer, duffel bag a for homemade sand bag & I also got him a yoga mat along with a binder with a food plan/grocery list in it

meal plan

grocery list – I organized it by section (fruits/vegetables/breads/packaged food) and outlined how many of each item we’d need & what we are using it for. I find we often buy too many or not enough of some items, so that really helped us!

I bought a big, laminated calendar so we can keep track of our progress & plan ahead. I’ve written out weekly challenges & made space where we can each write our progress for the day. As you can see, I didn’t plan out any daily workouts. That’s because we will be doing workouts that are posted daily online at:

weekly challenges: 200 pushups/day, burpee challenge, stair challenge & 7 minute challenge

I was introduced to ‘’ through Facebook… I forget how I really stumbled upon it, but I’ve “liked” it for a while. is an “at home workout movement.” It incorporates minimal equipment with high intensity interval workouts that are usually 12 minutes long. One thing I sort of ‘splurged’ on was a Gymboss interval timer for both Kyle & I. You can buy them online: essentially, it allows you to work for 50 seconds, rest for 10 without having to go back & reset the timer every time. I also got two duffel bags, which we plan on filling with sand or rice to mimick the sandbags that the bodyrockers use.

gymboss interval timer – I got myself a pink one!

I never really got into following bodyrock until recently. They started posted “bodyrock babe of the day.” These are pictures (before & afters) of people just like you & I who have turned their lives & bodies around by eating well & keeping fit using bodyrock workouts. These are busy men & women who have MADE time to get healthy. The results are incredible!

As you know, I’ve done bootcamps, running & personal training with great results. However, I’ve always gotten lazy and gone back to my old ways of not really caring & eating junk. I am hoping to really get toned from doing this & having Kyle’s support along the way will really help.

The overall plan is to take it day by day, week by week, month by month. I’ll track our progress on here for another 4 weeks. We are planning on doing the workouts 6 – 7 times a week (they are only 12 minutes long!), along with volleyball on Tuesday and I have my bootcamp on Thursday.

WEEK# 1 CHALLENGE: 200 pushups/day

We did our pushups along with this workout last night (did it two times through).

We have also decided that there will be no TV watching this week in hopes of getting the basement cleaned up & setting up our gym!

Kyle & I took before pictures and took measurements as well so that we can track our progress. You should take photos, too.. it’s amazing the difference you can see once you post them side by side!

sorry for bodyrockin’
mrs tasker


2 Responses to “BodyRock: Getting Started”

  1. Amy July 10, 2012 at 2:35 PM #

    Hey Stacie
    Just wanted to say thanks again for posting this, and now For continuing it. This blog is seriously helping me get my butt in shape. Keep it up pls! You lOok fantastic after the last 4 wks. Using your food approach and workouts aswell as some of my own. I’m down 11 lbs last month, hoping for better results this month, so it’s deffinately handy that you decided to continue this blog!
    Thank you!!!!!

    • Stacie July 10, 2012 at 2:45 PM #

      WOW! That’s awesome, good for you… I am so glad my blog is helping you out. You’ll thank yourself for working hard, I’m sure you’re already seeing great results. I hope you took some ‘before’ pictures!

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