4W2F: The End of The Beginning

9 Jul

When I started this journey, I was in a rut. I worked up some willpower & decided to take the plunge to get back into being fit & eating right. As I mentioned in my first post, I don’t weigh myself – the number isn’t important to me. You can SEE the difference just 4 weeks makes:

at the start of 4W2F – day 1

1 week in – day 7
already looking less “bloated”

week 3 – already more toned!

after 4 weeks you can see a huge improvement!

The whole point of me doing this was to prove that you can kick your butt back into gear in as little as 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Imagine what 3 months, 6 months – 1 year results can look like. Whether you have 100 lbs to lose or want to tone or just get healthy, all you need to do is COMMIT.

Think about what foods you are consuming – are they good for you? No? Then don’t eat them.

Spend your time more wisely – do a 20 minute workout, go for a walk, stay active any way you can.

Take a break – sometimes, you need a lazy day or a scoop of ice cream. You are allowed!

Hopefully this blog has really helped everyone, it has certainly helped me. I’ve taken pictures & can see the results and progress I have made. More importantly, I am back in the routine of working out and eating well.

So set a goal & get to work. In 4 weeks, you’ll wish you had started today!

thanks for joining me;
mrs tasker

ps – starting a new fitness journey/goal tonight 🙂


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