4W2F: Group Workout

6 Jul

Hi friends!

Last night, I had bootcamp. We did a lot of group exercises, which were challenging and fun. Grab a group of friends and try some of them…

Form a group pyramid
Do 1,000 pushups from your toes (split it up between the members of your group)
Everyone do 10 burpees, 10 tuck jumps & 30 jumping jacks
Hold boat post & count to 100, hand above your head
Do 100 partner sit ups (1 person stand on the others toes, then switch)
Do 50 grape vines
Do 2000 mountain climbers (split between the members of your group)
Everyone form a bridge (feets & palms), each member must climb through twice
Do 1200 bicycle

Exercises like these are great for people with different skill levels… if one person can only do 50 pushups, someone else has to step up and do extra ones to complete the total. It was a lot of fun… we all worked together and got it done!

Then we did a circuit of 1 minute ab exercises including:

reverse crunch
stacked toe sit ups (right for 30 sec/left for 30 sec)
plank (90 seconds)
scissors (side to side for 30 sec/up & down for 30 sec)
double crunch

Always make sure you stretch after you workout, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet!

An important part of your workout: stretching!

I typed “stretch” into the search at Women’s Health Magazine and got some other  ideas: http://search.womenshealthmag.com/vignette/wh/search.jsp?q=stretch.

work it!
mrs tasker


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