4W2F: Canada Day Weekend

3 Jul

OLA! The long weekend is soon here, so I sat down and set myself up for success.

I went camping out at the race track with Kyle this weekend, so in order to save money & avoid eating junk, we’ve made a plan!

I’ve written each day & what I will be doing for exercise. I have lots of different routines saved on my Blackberry & I always refer to them for quick workouts.

got our meals planned for the weekend!

Here is the 1 minute ab routine, do 1 minute of each exercise:

sit ups
reverse crunch (on your back, legs straight in air, hands under butt, lift your butt up & back down)
sit ups
double crunch
plankups (push up position, down on right elbow, down on left elbow, up on right hand, up on left hand)
kick crunch – right leg (lay flat, bring right leg up, keeping it straight & bring upper body in as well)
push ups
kick crunch – left leg
twist – right leg up (balance on tailbone, lean back, keep right leg up, twist back & forth)
sit ups
twist – left leg up
heel toe sit up – right (lay flat, right foot on top of left toes, left arm behind head, right arm straight up, lift upper body toward the sky)
heel toe sit up – left
leg raise (lay flat, hands under butt, keep legs straight & raise them, then lower them)
plank move (plank position, move body forward and back on toes)
reverse & raise (reverse crunch with leg raise added in)

It is important that you don’t strain your back on any of these, make sure you push your lower back into the ground. With your leg raises, only go as far down as you can until your back starts to lift off of the ground. Always engage your abs!

Kyle at the races!

eating dinner on our new camping chairs in front of our new 8 person tent… living the high life

bagel with blueberries & yogurt

doing an ab workout on in the pits!

Kyle’s breakfast one morning… hashbrowns, muffin & scrambled eggs, all done on the BBQ

spinach wrap with turkey, spinach, tomatoes, laughing cow cheese & cheddar cheese for lunch

The weekend was full of delicious foods & lots of relaxing. I can’t lie, I didn’t work out as much as I had planned. I did walk around the track a bit, which turned out to be pretty tiring in the heat! I also had soccer on Monday night.

4 days left of this 4 week journey… kicking it up again this week! Sticking with my burpees for this week’s challenge, I should be at 50 for today.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend 🙂
mrs tasker


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