4W2F: Keeping Motivated

27 Jun

So today, I thought I would post about staying motivated. We all need a little push every now & again.

I’ve decided to get myself back into this routine in 4 weeks – but what happens after those 4 weeks are up? I can’t go out & celebrate with beers & nachos… I’ve got to keep this up! And it can be tough to stay in a healthy routine. It can get boring, it can get hard & it can be really easy to fall out of. Some of these tips may be repetitive but this is what works for me, so I am sharing!

1. Set a goal – whether it’s to lose some pounds or inches, run a 5K, to workout everyday, to tone your arms or just to get back into the routine of healthy living – set a goal. Write it down, look at it everyday & blow that goal out of the water.

2. Set a timeline – personally, I am finding that this whole 4 week thing is going really well. It isn’t too long, so I’m not getting bored & it isn’t too short, so I am seeing results.

3. Be prepared – plan your meals & plan your workouts. You’re less likely to fail or make excuses if everything is set out & ready for you.

4. Get some support – surround yourself with people who want you to succeed or who have the same goals as you. I’ve got running friends, bootcamp friends & a hubby who is getting back into working out, so I’ve got lots of support! And hey, if you need support – you’ve all got me! Seriously, leave comments here, Facebook me… I can’t imagine not having the people in my life that are really routing for me. I want you to succeed in your goals!! I’m no fitness expert, but I make a great cheerleader.

5. Stick with it – find some willpower & tell yourself that you’re going to meet your goals and work your butt off to get there. Hard work pays off – there are no shortcuts, so just say no to that donut, you won’t regret it.

6. Don’t make excuses – we all do, but stop! There is always someone busier than you, so trust me… you have the time. I am busy: I have two dogs, a house, a hubby, a job, family & friends to spend time with… and I make it work. Yes, there is someone out there who works crappy hours, has babies & pets & a life, but they make it work, too.

If you haven’t already, start this today! Don’t wait until Monday or tomorrow… leave your excuses at the door & GO!

I am planning on taking this one month at a time, that way, I don’t get overwhelmed with meeting goals in the big picture. You might work best thinking… a year down the road I want to be at this weight, if it works for you, do it!

After this 4 weeks is up, I’ll be back at it again. I’ll set out a plan, switch up some of my workouts & keep on going!

Tuesday – I did a 12 minute workout from bodyrock.tv (if you “don’t have time” these workouts are amazing) in the morning. I did my burpees (15) & had volleyball as well – we won 2/4 games! I saw Rock of Ages last night, too… I stole some of Amber’s popcorn & a couple pretzel M&M’s.

What motivates you?

keep on truckin;
mrs tasker


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