4W2F: Halfway Results!

26 Jun

So I’ve made it halfway through this challenge. There have been struggles & I may have been a little lazy toward the end of last week & this weekend, but I am still happy with where I am. I’m going to push hard these last two weeks!

Here is my progress… I took a photo on day 1, June 18 (start of week 2) and today (start of week 3):

Day 1: June 11
Day 7: June 18
Day 14: June 25

I am seeing A LOT of progress in just two weeks. I look less bloated & more toned & better yet, I feel amazing. I notice it most in my stomach, but I can also notice progress in my overall fitness.

And now it’s time to really kick it up! I started the burpee challenge today, which I posted in this weekend’s blog. I am also wanting to really get in some good workouts for this week.

I started off my week with an early morning 8K run with Aurora. We haven’t done a longer distance run in quite some time (we’ve been sticking with a 5K or 6K) so it felt great to get back at it. I did my 10 burpees as soon as I got home so I wouldn’t have to do them at night.

Breakfast (before&after running): Multigrain Cheerios

Lunch: homemade beef burger with a tomato

Dinner: pasta with homemade ‘sauce’
canned diced tomatoes & then I added peppers, mushrooms & spices
I also had some of this after bootcamp

During the day I had an apple, a banana & pineapple. I also had a granola bar after bootcamp.

At bootcamp tonight, we did some squats, hill runs, planks, woodchops & an ab circuit at the end:

crunch & punch x 25 each side (in a crunch position, punch to the left, stop in the middle, punch to the right)
side bends x 25 each side (standing, reach your right hand toward your knee, left hand above head – same thing on the left)
bicycle x 50 (on your back, hands behind head, rock shoulders back & fourth while pedaling your legs like a bike!)
knee to elbow touches x 50 (similar to bike – legs bent on ground, bring left knee and right elbow inward, same for opposite side)
standing twists x 50 (standing, arms out like you’re going to hug someone, twist to the left, twist to the right)

I hope you are all joining me on this journey & if you aren’t START TODAY! Take “before” pictures & commit to eating well and exercising for a set amount of time. Do a fitness test like the one I did at bootcamp & record your scores. I did a fitness test at bootcamp, so will have results on Thursday. Keep taking pictures throughout your progress (& weigh & measure yourself if that works for you) and be proud of how far you’ve come! Do the fitness test again at the end & compare results. I still have 2 weeks to go & cannot wait to see where I’m at. The proof is in the pudding… hard work pays off.

If you are having trouble finding workouts to do, use websites likes http://www.womenshealthmag.com, they have a lot of great workouts that are set out and described in detail.

work hard & play hard!
mrs tasker


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