4W2F: Hectic Weekend

25 Jun

Sorry for the delay with all of these posts, I had a crazy weekend!

Saturday morning I had an early dentist appointment (no cavities!) and then Kyle & I headed to Fenelon Falls for our friends’ wedding shower. It was a BBQ & the weather was so nice! I had a burger & half a hot dog for lunch along with some pasta & Cesar salad. I had fruit for dessert – they had so many pies to choose from though! I stayed hydrated with water & played badminton for maybe… 10 minutes.

Since I hadn’t really gotten any exercise, Kyle & I walked to the grocery store to get dinner. Since we had a heavier lunch, we decided on some salads.

Dinner: green salad with dried cranberries, almonds, strawberries & goat cheese. I had sweet onion dressing on it & couscous salad with raisins & chick peas.

We ended up staying in on Saturday night since we were pretty tired & I had an early morning on Sunday. I had to be up and at Stacie’s shop for a photoshoot we were working on. I was up & ready for makeup by 7AM.I grabbed some food at the grocery store for the day:

Breakfast: yogurt with oats, strawberries & blueberries

Late lunch: Cesar wrap

We also had some fruit to snack on during the shoot. It was a long but FUN day!

Here are a few sneak peeks:

Makeup: Stacie (bodiworx by stacie)
Hair: Trish, Becky, Kat & Talen (Trish’s Hair Design)
Styling: Natash (Butterfly Boutique)
Photography: Crystal Whitehead, Robin Barribal & James Harvey
Models: Me (Lion), Talen (Scarecrow), Dana (Tinman) & Mel (Dorothy)

Dorothy’s hair & makeup

Lion’s progress

Tin Man’s progress

It was a great collaboration on everyone’s part & everything came together. I’m really excited to see the final images.

After the shoot, I scrubbed my face clean, got a brush through my hair & it was off to soccer in the rain. Our team kicked some butt & won 6-1… we were soaked but played awesome. I got home & had a tea & Kyle made some dinner.

Dinner: Cesar salad with homemade dressing (oil based) & chicken breast

Here is this week’s challenge:

The BURPEE Challenge
Start with 10 burpess on Monday
Add 5 for Tuesday (15)
Add 5 for Wednesday (20)
Add 5 for Thursday (25)
Add 5 for Friday (30)
etc, etc….

I start off with a jump as well
a) hands on ground, knees into chest
b) jump legs out
c) jump legs in, so you are back at a
d) jump up
You can also do a pushup while in position b to add a bit more challenge.

You can keep up with the 200 pushups and 100 sumo squats, too. I have learned that there are exercises you will HATE, but you usually hate them because they work. Burpees are that exercise for me… I suck at them, but they are really good for you. So I’ve decided to suck it up and challenge myself.

What exercise do you hate to do but love the results?

work hard;
mrs tasker

One more thing – MONDAY is the halfway point in my 4W2F challenge! I am going to be posting photos of my progress… it’s seriously CRAZY was 2 weeks can do. I can’t wait to share!


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