4W2F: Back @ It

25 Jun

I had such a hectic weekend, so these next few posts are a bit delayed!

The end of work week #2 is here… we are half way through the 4 weeks 2 fit challenge!

As I mentioned, yesterday (Thursday) I didn’t work out at all, so I got back to it this morning.

Here was my early morning countdown workout, courtesy of Danielle:

100 jumping jacks
90 straight leg sit ups
80 reverse raise
70 double crunch
60 cross pushups (only 140 more to go for today!)
50 wide squats (only 50 more to go for the day)
40 plank move
30 side lunges on each side
20 plankups
10 burpees

I got my sweat on this morning!

Try it out for yourself, and for more of a challenge, do it backwards (100 burpees, 90 plankups… 10 jumping jacks).

I had an apple for breakfast today, banana for a snack, pasta with a meatball for lunch, broccoli & a granola bar for a snack.

Dinner: homemade burger with Greek pasta salad, broccoli & a tomato

I got some walking in tonight too – Relay for Life got rained out a few weeks ago, so we made up for it today. I had a few granola bars while I was there, but walked for nearly the whole time, which was 3 hours. It was an awesome experience… emotional, but cool!

Luminary for my Grandma

Relay for Life

Tomorrow, Kyle & I are going to a couples’ shower… I’m sure there will be lots of goodies to resist!

I’ve got a new challenge lined up for next week (starting Monday)… it involves my least favourite thing ever: burpees. I’m going to learn to love them, and you will too.

hope you had an awesome weekend!
mrs tasker


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