4W2F: Canada’s Wonderland

21 Jun

It’s Wednesday & I have the day off! Kyle & I are heading to Canada’s Wonderland with Danielle & her cousin, Amy. I started off with a good breakfast:

Breakfast: Plain Quaker oatmeal with strawberries, dried cranberries & apricots & milk

Wonderland comes with a lot of temptations in terms of food, but it also involves a lot of walking, so it’s great that we will be staying active all day.

We all know how overpriced and unhealthy food at Canada’s Wonderland, the CNE, fairs, etc, can be, so we planned ahead and packed a lunch, snacks & tonnes of water. I didn’t have my phone on me so I didn’t take any photos, but here is a list of what we had for lunch:

– water, water, water!
– spicy turkey wrap from Sobey’s
– crackers, carrots & red pepper hummus

For dinner, we got a pepperoni pizza. We calculated it out & each slice was around 240 calories (I had 2). At the end of the day, Kyle & I got a funnel cake – I had a bite & it was amazing.

We went on several roller coasters & even made it to the water park: the wave pool was a workout & the lazy river was relaxing.

On the way home, I had an apple and two granola bars as well, you don’t realize what standing in the sun, roller coasters & walking does! It was a great day.

Some advice for places like these:
– stay hydrated: with all the walking & the hot weather, this is key
– pack a lunch: fairs & other places of the sort are so overpriced and rarely offer anything nutritional, so bring something with you
– keep snacking, it’s easy to lose energy when you combine all the walking with the heat
– Advil was the first thing I took when I woke up the next day… all that walking took a toll on me

All in all, my biggest advice is to be prepared: bring your lunch, bring snacks & lots of water. Go ahead & indulge if you want – funnel cakes & ice cream sandwiches can be hard to resist!

I will leave you with the only two photos of the day, don’t judge me:

What do you get when you combine an 80 degree drop at 148km/h? Terror.

We couldn’t resist showing off the guns…

get ripped;
mrs tasker


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