4W2F: Temptations

20 Jun

Happy Tuesday!

Aurora & I started off our day on the right foot – a refreshing run through Jackson Park in the rain! We didn’t use the Map My Run app this time, but figure it was around the 6 or 7K we did last time, we even managed to conquer a hill at the end. We saw a snapping turtle & a few other runners with their dogs on our travels.

I refueled with some plain oatmeal & berries when I got home (& water, too!). While my oatmeal was in the microwave (1 minute), I busted out 50 pushups for the day.

breakfast: package of plain Quaker oatmeal with fresh strawberries on top – I also added a bit of milk on top
you can add whatever fruit you like – I might try dried cranberries & apricots next time! chop up some apple and throw it on there, too! a bit of brown sugar always makes it delicious, too.

Snack: watermelon & strawberries
Lunch: greens with Greek pasta salad, chicken burger, lettuce, onion & tomato
Snack: pineapple & carrots


At work, we celebrate everyone’s birthday – usually with cake, tarts, cupcakes… all the good stuff! So today, we had a birthday & our co-op student’s goodbye celebration. There was cake – a vanilla cake, filled with custard… it looked pretty yummy.

looked delicious!

Luckily, my coworkers know there are health-conscious people in the building, so we always have some mixed fruit as well. I declined a piece of cake & guess what? I don’t regret it at all. I truly didn’t want a piece, so I didn’t have a piece. I know tomorrow I am heading to Canada’s Wonderland and I’d like to ‘save’ my cheat day until then!

It’s important to remember (and always hard to forget!) that we can’t avoid temptations. You can’t NOT go out for dinner with your family, you can’t NOT go out for drinks with your friends, you can’t not enjoy some work cake every now & then… you just can’t shut your life off because you’re trying to make healthy choices. Go out for dinner & treat yourself, go have a drink, too! You have to be able to have a “treat” every once in a while.

I’ve already written a blog about making good choices while dining out & also made some ‘healthier’ alcoholic drink suggestions (vodka & water with lime is one of my faves & isn’t full of sugar). Keep in mind, there are ways to eliminate calories from certain meals, without depriving yourself. Eventually, you won’t crave sweets or salty things. I’m only a week & 2 days in & I’m not craving chocolate… & I LOOOOVE chocolate. Before this whole thing, I could’ve eaten it everyday!

Dinner: burritos! tortilla, basmati rice, cheese, lettuce, black beans & corn, salsa, avocado, Greek yogurt & tomatoes

Here’s a workout that’s a ‘piece of cake’ (hahaha) Danielle posted this one on Facebook this morning.

There are 16 exercises- 16 minutes x2 – quick and easy

1) Elevated Cross Push-Ups
2) Tuck Abs
3) Squat & Press 10lbs
4) Clean & Press 10lbs
5) Bicycle Abs
6) Jumps Squats
7) Bicep Curls 10lbs
8) V sit Abs Left
9) V sit Abs Right
10) Elevated Tricep Dips
11) Mountain Climbers
12) Burpees with Push-up
13) plank rows 10lbs
14) Over Side bends 10lbs
15) Jump Lunges
16) Frog Jumps

If you’ve got half an hour (which you do), do it! If you have 16 minutes (which you definitely do), do it once! NO EXCUSES.

We had volleyball tonight & I did my pushups & sumo squats! I had a burrito “salad” when I got home and also an apple with peanut butter.

keep fit & have fun;
mrs tasker


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