4W2F: Holidays/Summer BBQs

18 Jun

So this is it… what I always look least forward to when it comes to eating right… HOLIDAYS.

Today is Father’s Day & usually occasions like this mean lots of food & lots of treats – I know it isn’t an official “holiday” but you know what I mean! There are always a lot of temptations when you gather a bunch of family & friends over food.

Here is your how-to guide to “surviving” holidays/summer BBQs, from my point of view!

Kyle & I have decided to host a BBQ for our dads today, so we at least have some type of control over what we are serving/eating.

On the menu:

cheese & crackers with pickles to start
homemade chicken & beef burgers
Mediterranean salad (pasta, cucumbers, Greek dressing, tomatoes, feta – courtesy of mom)
fruit skewers
apple strudel & danishes (the dads’ faves!)

Here is how I try to fill my plate:
– veggies: I try to make sure my plate has more veggies than anything else
– meat: try having your protein without a bun (hamburgers, hot dogs, etc)
– sides: aim for the healthier ones and have small servings.
– desserts: do you really want it? if no, then don’t! if yes, then have a small amount & don’t try one of everything being offered.
– water: drink lots of it, it keeps you hydrated & can take the edge off cravings!
– seconds: if you go back for more, try and take the good stuff.

Here is what my plate looked like:

Sunday Lunch: BBQ chicken burger, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions & Mediterranean salad

I dipped my chicken burger in honey dijon mustard rather than having ketchup & mayo. When I wanted seconds, I opted to have some more onion, lettuce, tomatoes & pickles. For seconds, try splitting a burger in half rather than having a full one. When the cheese & cracker tray was out, again I opted for pickles & had a few crackers & cheese.

For dessert, I had fruit skewers, I wanted to offer something healthy for everyone. I think I had 6 – they were so good!

Fruit skewers: grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe & strawberries

Another good tip, if you’ve offered to bring something to a BBQ, make sure it’s healthy. That way, you know there is something you’ll want to eat & still be able to stay on track. We didn’t have any alcohol at this BBQ, but in a lot of cases there are drinks at these occasions. My advice is to stay hydrated: stick with something like vodka & water with lime, or if you have a beer, follow it with a water.

We all overindulge from time to time, so if you do – don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day, start fresh!

Since this morning was really hectic, I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast. I didn’t want to eat a lot since I knew I’d be having lunch about an hour from when I ate breakfast.

quick & yummy

Dinner was delicious! More BBQ – homemade pork skewers with grilled pineapple – we were in a super rush to get out of the house for soccer, so I didn’t end up having corn on the cob & Greek potatoes until after my game.

pork skewers & grilled pineapple
Kyle made tzatziki sauce, too!

Tonight at soccer, we were short-handed so I got some good cardio in! I was exhausted afterward and only ended up getting 75 pushups in for the day, so I’ll be adding an additional 125 to tomorrows set.

How was your Father’s day weekend? Did you make healthy choices?

hope everyone’s weekend was great!
mrs tasker


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