Saturday/Dining Out

17 Jun

It’s the weekend! For me, that used to mean “cheat” days & not working out. But I’ve decided to treat the Saturday & Sunday as any other day of the week. This morning, I had to head on over to the soccer fields and hand out some flyers for work – instead of driving down, I decided to walk there. I had an apple on the way for breakfast.

I walked 2.36KMs in 24.41 minutes – then, walked around handing the flyers out for an hour!

I had some strawberries when I got home, it’s important to replenish after you workout, even if it’s walking.

Kyle & I had some running around to do, since we are hosting a Father’s Day BBQ lunch tomorrow, so we decided to go out for lunch. He had tried St. Veronus a few weeks before & loved it, so he took me there. Going out to eat can be tricky… lots of temptations, but you have to try to be smart about what you choose.

I was looking for a sandwich or a salad. The deciding factor for me was that the sandwiches came with stoemp (sort of like mashed potatoes) and a salad (which is good) – and knowing me, I would have eaten everything on the plate. That’s a lot of food! So I opted for a salad, again, I knew I’d eat it all, but there is a lot more nutrition in it. So I went with the Roasted Beet Salad – it was seriously SO good.

Roasted Beet Salad – beets, greens, goat cheese, candied almonds, dried apricots & a herb vinaigrette (I took some of the candied almonds off because there was A LOT of them)

Kyle got the Abbey & Apple Turkey sandwich, I had a bite & it was seriously delicious. We will be trying a version at home in the coming weeks I think! St. Veronus as a HUGE beer menu, I didn’t get one, but Kyle did – he said it was really light & it also didn’t come in a huge glass, so if you wanted to treat yourself to a beer there were “healthy” options!

More food:

Dinner – pork chop with veggies & grilled apples
we put the veggies in a little tin foil house with some butter and spices & threw it on the BBQ

I also threw in a workout tonight, using a kettlebell.

30 x swing
20 x figure 8
30 x squat & pull (15 each side)
100 x side bends (50 each side)
40 x pushups (20 each side)
20 x halo (10 each direction)
repeat x 3

I did this workout while I watched a movie – if you’re committed to being fit, you WILL find the time. I also did 260 pushups, making up for the 60 I missed yesterday!

I was having a huge craving for sweets or popcorn, so instead of treating myself again tonight, I cut up some fruit, which was still delicious!

Snack – cantaloupe & strawberries

Peppermint tea – Fozzie says “Cheers!!”

Tips for Dining Out:

Read the whole menu – I went over St. Veronus’ menu several times, got it down to 2 choices & then outweighed what was better for me.

Sometimes salads aren’t the answer -I used to eat this one salad from Boston Pizza all the time & then I went online and read the nutritional information… uh oh… a pizza might have been better! Be smart about what you’re choosing, breaded chicken, bacon bits & cream based dressings don’t make for a healthy choice.

Don’t be afraid to personalize – see something you like, but think it’ll be a huge indulgence? Ask for it in salad-form, eliminate things from it, add things to it or ask for items on the side. Ask for grilled chicken instead of breaded chicken, get spinach instead of romaine or iceberg lettuce, opt for an oil dressing instead of a creamy one. If you’re choosing a sandwich, opt for an open-faced one (ie; keep the top piece of bread off) & load up on veggies! Even if it costs a bit more, it’s important to make healthy trades.

Portion control – Restaurants give HUGE portions, nip it in the bud and ask for a take-out container at the beginning of your meal. Split it up for lunch the next day before you start eating. If the food is on the plate, I’m likely to eat it even if I am full, so this eliminates overeating. You could also share a meal with someone instead of saving it for lunch the next day!

Pre-plan – if you know you’re going out to a specific restaurant for dinner, check the menu out online first. It can help you make decisions before you get there, and the nutritional information is more readily available. Some things you think are healthy may not be (like I did with the salad at BP). If you go in with a game plan, you’re more likely to come out feeling better (ie; you didn’t over eat & you made good choices!).

Water – it’s so important even if you aren’t dining out! Drink lots during the day & have water instead of pop or an alcoholic drink. While I wait for my food & during my meal, I always ending up drinking several glasses, which can slow me down & stop me from wolfing down my meal.

Hopefully next time you go out, the menu won’t be overwhelming & you can make some healthy substitutions. Obviously, it is good to treat yourself, but dining out can mean huge set backs in a healthy groove!

And remember….

one bad meal can’t make you fat, just like one good meal can’t make you skinny

tomorrow… how to survive a summer BBQ or “holiday!”
mrs tasker

ps – since I am posting this on Father’s day, I’ll give you a few tricks now:
– bring something healthy if you’re attending a BBQ or potluck, this way, you’ll know there is something healthy to choose from
– avoid the potato & macaroni salads (have a little bit if you want!)
– load up on veggies
– try a burger with no bun, avoid lots of condiments
– if you’re snacking, put it on a plate, if you just pick at the finger foods, you may over eat. Putting these foods on a plate can help you see how much you’ve eaten & can help avoid overeating!
– you don’t need to try every dessert, choose one & have a small piece
– hydrate: water is important!!


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