4W2F: Workout Summary

16 Jun

Friday – I train with Danielle again at 6AM today! We did abs & upper back today – rows, pushups, sit ups, reverse crunch, pike on the exercise ball (you have to be graceful for this one, which I am not). I have to add around 60 pushups to tomorrow’s workout, I am pretty sure I only did 140/200!

I had breakfast on the run again this morning – just an apple!

after workout: smoothie
snack: cantaloupe
lunch: left over pasta & a meatball
snack: strawberries

Dinner – homemade chicken fingers (I used soda crackers & some spices & coated chicken breast), corn, jasmine rice & pepper “fries” (baked pepper slices, make sure they are still crunchy!)
I dipped my chicken strips in mango salsa instead of a traditional sauce.

I couldn’t resist some popcorn! air popped, which is my favourite. everyone needs a treat 🙂

Here is a summary of my week, and what I plan on keeping up for the rest of this 4 week challenge.

Monday – at home workout (I use my personal training routines from previous months)
Tuesday – beach volleyball
Wednesday – workout with Danielle
Thursday – running/bootcamp
Friday – workout with Danielle
Saturday – walking/at home workout
Sunday – soccer

Most days, I walk the dogs in the morning & at night.

Today, I wanted to give you ‘advice’ based on my personal experience over the past year and a bit…

Walking – it’s so good for you, some people don’t realize this – so start walking! This is part of how I got in such great shape for my wedding.

Get a personal trainer – even if it’s for one month. You will learn SO much; about eating properly (yes, pasta is okay!), proper form (push your back into the floor!), and simply what your body is capable off (yes, you can do 20 burpees in a row!). Personal training was one of the best investments Kyle & I have made – you take a lot away from it – workouts, knowledge, confidence!

Have support – whether it’s a friend, a trainer, your husband or even your dog(s) – having someone to lean on really helps! Having someone to workout with is even better. When you don’t feel like going for a run or doing a workout, you know there is someone else counting on you.

Make good choices – I tell myself this every. single. day. It doesn’t only pertain to making the choice to workout or eat the right food – it also relates to being nice to people and just making good choices in general. It helps me take things day by day – if I have a crappy day, I know I can turn it around and get it right tomorrow!

it’s simple. take it day by day.

Say no now & you won’t have to say no later – this is my motto while grocery shopping. If I “say no” (ie; don’t buy it!) to this delicious bag of m&m’s NOW, then I won’t have to say no when they’re sitting on the counter staring me down screaming “EAT ME!” later. That being said…

Treat yourself – We all need a treat every now & again. I really like ice cream, popcorn & m&m’s. I try and pick something kind of healthy, or make sure it’s in moderation.

Don’t concentrate on a number – I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been obsessed with my weight before. With a little education I’ve learned it isn’t about a number, it’s about how you feel. Personally, I am happier when I don’t weigh myself, so I stopped doing just that. Instead, I looked in the mirror and then I decided to do something about what I didn’t like. So stop freaking yourself out about a number, look in the mirror and change what you want to change.

Fail to plan, plan to fail – Everything I ate this week was written down in a book – all my meals were planned before we went grocery shopping for the week. If I don’t plan my meals, I don’t eat well. Same with my workouts – I have set days to do certain things, if it’s not planned I don’t do it. So starting planning – it will help you get on track & stay on track!

and last, but not least…

Working out isn’t meant to be comfortable. (a famous quote from Danielle) I wish it was, I really do. Getting a charlie horse in your butt while doing donkey kicks… it isn’t comfortable, but your butt is going to look amazing. Not being able to breathe from heel/toe sit ups… it isn’t comfortable, but you’re going to have a flat tummy for it! Squatting for so long your legs are shaking… not comfy but your legs are going to be toned. Burpees… there is nothing comfortable about them, but you’ll thank yourself later. HARD WORK PAYS OFF.

I could go on & on… but I want to know: what’s your workout/fitness advice?

Here is a quick ab workout that you can do (I sometimes do little workouts like this while I am watching TV):

20 plankups from the toes
80 bicycle
20 burpees
80 twists, feet up
30 leg raises
30 push ups from the toes
55 sit ups
55 reverse crunches
50 toe touches
50 double crunches
100 mountain climbers
25 knee tucks
60 plank leg raises

don’t forget to stretch when you’re done!

have a good weekend!
mrs tasker


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