4W2F: Day 4/Running Buddies

15 Jun

Thursday – today is running/bootcamp day!

My running buddy Aurora & I have been meeting up once a week to run together. Last week, we ran at Jackson Park – it was especially nice because it was shaded. The sun is SO hot to run in, even before 7AM!

my running buddy!

Everyone, meet Aurora! We may only meet up once a week, but when we do we have good talks & an even better run. She makes me accountable, just like I make her accountable. As I’ve said before, when you don’t have anyone counting on you, you’re more likely to sleep in or skip a workout. Aurora and I both know we’ve got each other so we drag our butts out of bed and meet up when we can. We even kept each other going during our first team 5K race together. Aurora’s an awesome person… she’s seriously so cool!

Unfortunately, today we didn’t meet, but I got out for a 5K run of my own. You need to find it in yourself to get up & workout on your own some days.

I did 5.02K in 31.15 minutes
I used an app called Map My Run to track this

Aurora & I started running together in February – we were training for a 5K race. We ended up doing the annual run in Ennismore, and team Re-Newall came first place! Our favourite part of training was running up Armour Hill (please note the sarcasm). It wasn’t fun, but once you get to the top, it feels awesome! This picture doesn’t do the incline any justice.

Those teeny tiny specs are Aurora & I, trucking up the hill!

Danielle, Aurora, Kirsten, me & Mary (Joanne was missing from the picture!)

Another smoothie for breakie today!

Lunch – bean & corn salad, broccoli & cauliflower, an apple, a tomato & strawberries

Dinner – homemade meatballs with spaghetti
meatballs: ground beef, onions, an egg & flour (didn’t have bread crumbs)

At bootcamp, we were in groups of 3 & 4 & worked with kettlebells, weights, weighted balls & a parachute. We had 1 minute per exercise, and there were three exercises for each piece of equipment.

A few examples…

Kettlebell swing with leg extension (standing, swing KB between your legs, up above your head and extend one leg out to the side, bring leg back & repeat with other leg)
Seated twist (sit on your butt, hold KB & twist from side to side – legs up for more abs)

Jackknife (laying flat on your back, holding weights, bring both legs and upper body together & lower back down)
Row balance (stand on one leg, leaning forward, bring elbows toward your back)

Weighted Ball
Knee tucks (lay on your back, prop yourself up with elbows, bring knees into chest & then away from your hips while balancing the ball on the tops of your shins)
Squat with ball (hold ball, squat & up, can toss ball in the air for more)
Matrix (while on your knees, hold the ball and lean back as far as you can, back to original position & repeat)

And we ran up and down a hill with the parachute.

At the end, we had 5 minutes to do as many sets of the following as we could, try it at home!

2 burpees (jump up, hands on ground, legs out, legs in)
1 walkout with pushup (stand up, squat down & walk hands out, pushup, walk hands back in & stand up)
1 up/down (knees on mat, chest on mat & back up)
10 walking lunges (down a hill, hands on head)
run backwards back up the hill

When I got home, I had my usual apple & peanut butter & also finished my 200 pushups for the day.

I’ve almost made it through workweek 1 of this challenge… I’ve really started a routine & my willpower is strong. Hopefully everyone is motivated to start a challenge of their own – start eating healthier & get fit! Remember, when you really want to snack – pick something healthy (fruit, veggies) or axe the cravings with a tea.

until tomorrow;
mrs stacie


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