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4W2F: Fitness Test Results

29 Jun

It’s Thursday… you know what that means: bootcamp day!

I did a workout in the morning:

knee to elbow x 50 (on your back, knees bent like a sit up, bring left elbow to right knee, back down, right elbow to left knee)
forward lunge x 40 (used 10 lbs weights)
squat jump x 20
pushup x 20 (from toes, do 40 from knees)
bend & thrust x 20 (like the bottom part of a burpee)
sumo squat x 40
jumping jacks x 40
t stabilization x 20 (push up position, roll to one side, arm in air, repeat on other side)
seated twist x 40 (sit on your tail bone, legs up/down/one up, one down, twist from side to side)
side bends x 40
knee to elbow x 50

Before bootcamp, I did my 25 burpees… I have noticed only 4 days in it’s getting WAY easier.

We are starting a new session tonight, so we did our fitness tests to see the results.

Exercise                            Week 1| Week 5
1K run……………………..4:55  | 5:26
pushups……………………115   | 120
bicycle……………………..90    | 137
reverse raise ……………..62    | 71
squat hold…………………60    | 75
boat pose………………….60    | 90
straight leg sit up………..20   |  31
frog push ups……………N/A  | 20
squat jump……………….N/A | 45
Hindu push up…………..N/A | 14
hill runs……………………N/A |10

(I started bootcamp 2 weeks before I decided to get my butt in gear and started 4W2F)

As you can see, I have REALLY improved… Almost all of my numbers have gone up! It’s really great to actually see my progress written down. Make sure you are recording things, or taking pictures – you might feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, but this type of thing will prove you wrong.

keep it up;
mrs tasker

ps – I may be posting another blog today, since I may not have access to a computer this weekend… keep an eye out!


4W2F: Stay Active

28 Jun

It’s hump day! Halfway through the work week of a long weekend…

Today, Danielle & I ran 8K! Running is always a great way to start the day, and it’s nice to do it in the early morning especially since it gets hot even at 7AM.

I was sooo hungry after our run, I ate few granola bars… 5 of them actually. I was STARVING today! That’s one thing I have learned, the more you workout, the more you eat! It is important to be educated about that type of thing, you don’t want to deprive yourself. I know I am not perfect 100% of the time in terms of eating the right amount of certain things (protein, veggies, fruits), but I have certainly come a long way with what I know. I always eat before a workout – if you don’t, you will burn muscle – and after a workout.

Dinner: scrambled eggs with peppers & mushroom (use some Pam in the pan), corn & bean salad, a tomato & some cheese

After dinner, I spent some time with my girlfriends: Kelsey, Kim & Danielle. We opted for an activity that was a little bit active, which was nice! You don’t always have to go to dinner or watch a movie – try and choose something that gets you moving! We took our dogs to Beavermead to let them play in the lake & we obviously walked around. We made a stop for ice cream before the park – so delicious! I got a small ice cream instead of my regular large… I am a sucker for Kawartha Dairy.

My favourite from Kawartha Dairy… Moose Tracks!

Winnie, Fozzie & Zevi playing close to shore. See that little black dot WAY in the distance? That’s Coors…. We thought we were going to be going for a swim to get him back!

Kels with her new pup Zevi (so cute!), Kim adopted Fozzie for the night, me with Winnie & Danielle (behind the camera) walking Coors.

I got home and did my 20 burpees. Are you keeping up with the burpee challenge? Add another 5 tomorrow! The dogs were dead tired & really smelly. Apparently I was tired, too because I fell asleep before 930.

I just wanted to go back to the whole “staying active” thing. Like I said, when you’re getting together with friends, suggest something that gets you up & out of the house. You don’t have to go to the movies, stay in or go out to dinner. I am lucky to have friends with dogs, so it was a lot of fun to hit the park with them!

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals & interests – like walking, working out, running & puppies! That makes it a lot easier to stay active. I actually met Kelsey & Danielle through bootcamp & we’ve become really good friends. It’s especially easy to get out & do something when the weather is so nice. Most importantly, all of my friends have FUN when we are active.

work it!
mrs tasker

4W2F: Keeping Motivated

27 Jun

So today, I thought I would post about staying motivated. We all need a little push every now & again.

I’ve decided to get myself back into this routine in 4 weeks – but what happens after those 4 weeks are up? I can’t go out & celebrate with beers & nachos… I’ve got to keep this up! And it can be tough to stay in a healthy routine. It can get boring, it can get hard & it can be really easy to fall out of. Some of these tips may be repetitive but this is what works for me, so I am sharing!

1. Set a goal – whether it’s to lose some pounds or inches, run a 5K, to workout everyday, to tone your arms or just to get back into the routine of healthy living – set a goal. Write it down, look at it everyday & blow that goal out of the water.

2. Set a timeline – personally, I am finding that this whole 4 week thing is going really well. It isn’t too long, so I’m not getting bored & it isn’t too short, so I am seeing results.

3. Be prepared – plan your meals & plan your workouts. You’re less likely to fail or make excuses if everything is set out & ready for you.

4. Get some support – surround yourself with people who want you to succeed or who have the same goals as you. I’ve got running friends, bootcamp friends & a hubby who is getting back into working out, so I’ve got lots of support! And hey, if you need support – you’ve all got me! Seriously, leave comments here, Facebook me… I can’t imagine not having the people in my life that are really routing for me. I want you to succeed in your goals!! I’m no fitness expert, but I make a great cheerleader.

5. Stick with it – find some willpower & tell yourself that you’re going to meet your goals and work your butt off to get there. Hard work pays off – there are no shortcuts, so just say no to that donut, you won’t regret it.

6. Don’t make excuses – we all do, but stop! There is always someone busier than you, so trust me… you have the time. I am busy: I have two dogs, a house, a hubby, a job, family & friends to spend time with… and I make it work. Yes, there is someone out there who works crappy hours, has babies & pets & a life, but they make it work, too.

If you haven’t already, start this today! Don’t wait until Monday or tomorrow… leave your excuses at the door & GO!

I am planning on taking this one month at a time, that way, I don’t get overwhelmed with meeting goals in the big picture. You might work best thinking… a year down the road I want to be at this weight, if it works for you, do it!

After this 4 weeks is up, I’ll be back at it again. I’ll set out a plan, switch up some of my workouts & keep on going!

Tuesday – I did a 12 minute workout from (if you “don’t have time” these workouts are amazing) in the morning. I did my burpees (15) & had volleyball as well – we won 2/4 games! I saw Rock of Ages last night, too… I stole some of Amber’s popcorn & a couple pretzel M&M’s.

What motivates you?

keep on truckin;
mrs tasker

4W2F: Halfway Results!

26 Jun

So I’ve made it halfway through this challenge. There have been struggles & I may have been a little lazy toward the end of last week & this weekend, but I am still happy with where I am. I’m going to push hard these last two weeks!

Here is my progress… I took a photo on day 1, June 18 (start of week 2) and today (start of week 3):

Day 1: June 11
Day 7: June 18
Day 14: June 25

I am seeing A LOT of progress in just two weeks. I look less bloated & more toned & better yet, I feel amazing. I notice it most in my stomach, but I can also notice progress in my overall fitness.

And now it’s time to really kick it up! I started the burpee challenge today, which I posted in this weekend’s blog. I am also wanting to really get in some good workouts for this week.

I started off my week with an early morning 8K run with Aurora. We haven’t done a longer distance run in quite some time (we’ve been sticking with a 5K or 6K) so it felt great to get back at it. I did my 10 burpees as soon as I got home so I wouldn’t have to do them at night.

Breakfast (before&after running): Multigrain Cheerios

Lunch: homemade beef burger with a tomato

Dinner: pasta with homemade ‘sauce’
canned diced tomatoes & then I added peppers, mushrooms & spices
I also had some of this after bootcamp

During the day I had an apple, a banana & pineapple. I also had a granola bar after bootcamp.

At bootcamp tonight, we did some squats, hill runs, planks, woodchops & an ab circuit at the end:

crunch & punch x 25 each side (in a crunch position, punch to the left, stop in the middle, punch to the right)
side bends x 25 each side (standing, reach your right hand toward your knee, left hand above head – same thing on the left)
bicycle x 50 (on your back, hands behind head, rock shoulders back & fourth while pedaling your legs like a bike!)
knee to elbow touches x 50 (similar to bike – legs bent on ground, bring left knee and right elbow inward, same for opposite side)
standing twists x 50 (standing, arms out like you’re going to hug someone, twist to the left, twist to the right)

I hope you are all joining me on this journey & if you aren’t START TODAY! Take “before” pictures & commit to eating well and exercising for a set amount of time. Do a fitness test like the one I did at bootcamp & record your scores. I did a fitness test at bootcamp, so will have results on Thursday. Keep taking pictures throughout your progress (& weigh & measure yourself if that works for you) and be proud of how far you’ve come! Do the fitness test again at the end & compare results. I still have 2 weeks to go & cannot wait to see where I’m at. The proof is in the pudding… hard work pays off.

If you are having trouble finding workouts to do, use websites likes, they have a lot of great workouts that are set out and described in detail.

work hard & play hard!
mrs tasker

4W2F: Hectic Weekend

25 Jun

Sorry for the delay with all of these posts, I had a crazy weekend!

Saturday morning I had an early dentist appointment (no cavities!) and then Kyle & I headed to Fenelon Falls for our friends’ wedding shower. It was a BBQ & the weather was so nice! I had a burger & half a hot dog for lunch along with some pasta & Cesar salad. I had fruit for dessert – they had so many pies to choose from though! I stayed hydrated with water & played badminton for maybe… 10 minutes.

Since I hadn’t really gotten any exercise, Kyle & I walked to the grocery store to get dinner. Since we had a heavier lunch, we decided on some salads.

Dinner: green salad with dried cranberries, almonds, strawberries & goat cheese. I had sweet onion dressing on it & couscous salad with raisins & chick peas.

We ended up staying in on Saturday night since we were pretty tired & I had an early morning on Sunday. I had to be up and at Stacie’s shop for a photoshoot we were working on. I was up & ready for makeup by 7AM.I grabbed some food at the grocery store for the day:

Breakfast: yogurt with oats, strawberries & blueberries

Late lunch: Cesar wrap

We also had some fruit to snack on during the shoot. It was a long but FUN day!

Here are a few sneak peeks:

Makeup: Stacie (bodiworx by stacie)
Hair: Trish, Becky, Kat & Talen (Trish’s Hair Design)
Styling: Natash (Butterfly Boutique)
Photography: Crystal Whitehead, Robin Barribal & James Harvey
Models: Me (Lion), Talen (Scarecrow), Dana (Tinman) & Mel (Dorothy)

Dorothy’s hair & makeup

Lion’s progress

Tin Man’s progress

It was a great collaboration on everyone’s part & everything came together. I’m really excited to see the final images.

After the shoot, I scrubbed my face clean, got a brush through my hair & it was off to soccer in the rain. Our team kicked some butt & won 6-1… we were soaked but played awesome. I got home & had a tea & Kyle made some dinner.

Dinner: Cesar salad with homemade dressing (oil based) & chicken breast

Here is this week’s challenge:

The BURPEE Challenge
Start with 10 burpess on Monday
Add 5 for Tuesday (15)
Add 5 for Wednesday (20)
Add 5 for Thursday (25)
Add 5 for Friday (30)
etc, etc….

I start off with a jump as well
a) hands on ground, knees into chest
b) jump legs out
c) jump legs in, so you are back at a
d) jump up
You can also do a pushup while in position b to add a bit more challenge.

You can keep up with the 200 pushups and 100 sumo squats, too. I have learned that there are exercises you will HATE, but you usually hate them because they work. Burpees are that exercise for me… I suck at them, but they are really good for you. So I’ve decided to suck it up and challenge myself.

What exercise do you hate to do but love the results?

work hard;
mrs tasker

One more thing – MONDAY is the halfway point in my 4W2F challenge! I am going to be posting photos of my progress… it’s seriously CRAZY was 2 weeks can do. I can’t wait to share!

4W2F: Back @ It

25 Jun

I had such a hectic weekend, so these next few posts are a bit delayed!

The end of work week #2 is here… we are half way through the 4 weeks 2 fit challenge!

As I mentioned, yesterday (Thursday) I didn’t work out at all, so I got back to it this morning.

Here was my early morning countdown workout, courtesy of Danielle:

100 jumping jacks
90 straight leg sit ups
80 reverse raise
70 double crunch
60 cross pushups (only 140 more to go for today!)
50 wide squats (only 50 more to go for the day)
40 plank move
30 side lunges on each side
20 plankups
10 burpees

I got my sweat on this morning!

Try it out for yourself, and for more of a challenge, do it backwards (100 burpees, 90 plankups… 10 jumping jacks).

I had an apple for breakfast today, banana for a snack, pasta with a meatball for lunch, broccoli & a granola bar for a snack.

Dinner: homemade burger with Greek pasta salad, broccoli & a tomato

I got some walking in tonight too – Relay for Life got rained out a few weeks ago, so we made up for it today. I had a few granola bars while I was there, but walked for nearly the whole time, which was 3 hours. It was an awesome experience… emotional, but cool!

Luminary for my Grandma

Relay for Life

Tomorrow, Kyle & I are going to a couples’ shower… I’m sure there will be lots of goodies to resist!

I’ve got a new challenge lined up for next week (starting Monday)… it involves my least favourite thing ever: burpees. I’m going to learn to love them, and you will too.

hope you had an awesome weekend!
mrs tasker

4W2F: Just Another Day

22 Jun

This post got deleted so I had to re-write… sorry!

It’s Thursday!

Hope everyone’s week has been going well… I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback from you – I’m glad this blog is motivating you to get active & get healthy. That’s exactly what I it wanted to do!

Thursday mornings, Aurora & I usually go for a run. I had to cancel today because Wonderland was exhausting, I was dead tired when my alarm went off & I knew I wouldn’t be able to function at work if I didn’t get some more rest. Thankfully, Aurora is super understanding!

Working out & staying active is super important, but so is knowing when enough is enough. If you are in PAIN from working out or getting run down, you need to be able to take a break. You’re human, not a superhero!

I got some more beauty sleep & then grabbed an apple for breaky on the way out the door.

Morning snack: strawberries

Lunch: Greek pasta salad & greens, carrots with red pepper hummus

Snack: banana

When I got home, I was still exhausted… I decided to sneak a nap in before Bootcamp. In the end, bootcamp was cancelled – the storm we had tonight was crazy! I got back home & our power was out which meant only one thing… SUSHI!

Dinner: shrimp spring rolls, shrimp tempura, Kyle had some salad & edamame, vegetable tempura, chicken & beef skewers, California roll, ebi, dynamite roll, spicy tuna roll, pork & shrimp dumplings… there was a lot of food!

When it comes to all-you-can-eat style restaurants, I try to avoid them because typically, I overeat at them. Sushi isn’t too bad, and they give you small portions so it was easy to sort of gauge when I felt full. It was delicious! I filled up on water & green tea throughout the whole meal & took my time with the meal… I didn’t get dessert & left feeling full but not like I overate.

It’s hard but you can make good choices at all-you-can-eats. Stick to veggies and steamed foods, try to avoid deep fried options. There are typically salad bars you can choose from as well. It’s just about making good decisions!

catching up on all my weekend posts shortly!
mrs tasker